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Experimental Mind: Hippo's, Mountains, Slacking, Growing Experimentation Culture

Experimental Mind
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In today’s Experimental Mind newsletter five articles, from Jeff Gothelf, Tom Kerwin, Jacob Singh, Ben Dressler and Experiment Nation. Plus … updated job opportunities and events.
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📰 What I've been reading this week
1. The Highest Paid Person's Opinion
2. Funnels vs Mountains
We are all familiar with the conversion funnel. Tom Kerwin makes the case we should actually turn it around: it’s a mountain.
We can increase people’s motivation to climb the mountain by reducing the height, making the climb easier, or make the top of the mountain more desirable.
Tom Kerwin
You've heard of the conversion funnel.

It's actually upside down.

It looks more like a mountain.

You’re asking prospects to climb your mountain.

And getting to the top takes a certain amount of motivation.

(Yes, this is a disgraceful oversimplification of CRO for funnels.)
4. The case for slacking off at work
5. Grow an experimentation culture at your company
Ben Dressler (former Spotify) shares his ideas in this short lecture series:
How To Grow An Experimentation Culture At Your Company (1/3) - Ben Dressler
How To Grow An Experimentation Culture At Your Company (1/3) - Ben Dressler
🚀 Job opportunities
This week’s featured jobs: 
And … there are another 11 opportunities on the job board.
📅 Upcoming events
This is a running list of upcoming events:
💬 Quote of the week
“Always make sure you’re doing little experiments every day to move yourself forward on the things you’re interested in.” — James Altucher
😉 Fun of the week
Wally invents data
Wally invents data
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